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Since its inception in 1988,'PUNASCHA'. has been serving both the readers and the students with outstanding publications. The more powerful the mainstream, the braver those who deviate from it. And the name itself has been created by Nobel Laureate Rabindranath Tagore. This, for the very organisation means, as a figure of distinction, rejuvenating for the Gen-next readership.

The organisation initially focused on children's literature. But, the globalisation has long since found its way into Indian literature. The globalised world is already completely discovered, travelled and demystified. The call of the new horizon explored 'PUNASCHA' to anthology, fictions, biographies, novels and so on.

The organisation has its high circulation in both texts and non-texts in all over Assam, Tripura, Delhi and Bangladesh, apart from West Bengal.

When Indian publishing was merely at its bud, 'PUNASCHA' successfully ventured into the publication in different languages in both Non-Text & Text.

'PUNASCHA'  being the twice National Award Winner by Govt of India in Excellence Quality is firm on its responsibility and committed to build up the future generation in the coming years.